Sunday, March 18, 2007

From the XTC Forums


Q - Who was/is your favourite Beatle and why ? Moley

A - What a tricky one Mole Flanders. Lets weigh up the choices.

John, sharp pointed wit, surreal word play, lazy musician, glasses, big mouth. Yeah I can identify with that. Paul, good melodies, ideas powerhouse, pushing the band to try new things, romantic. Yeah I can identify with that. How about George, calm, beautiful chord work, searching for the unknown, dry humour. Yeah, I can identify with that. That leaves Ringo, good sense of rhythm, likes to be funny, a face only a mother could love, the ill Beatle with a penchant for Thomas The Tank Engine. Yeah, I can identify with that.

That’s the problem, they're all appealing for different reasons. Stir into that mix the fatherly shepherding and faultless arranging of George Martin just to confuse things more. Eek, impossible Moley. File under Which Horseman of the Apocalypse? Which Marx Brother? Which Quality Street Chocolate? Ren or Stimpy? Oil or Water?

Arggh my brain, you choose for me. A.P

Reminds me of another Beatles fan I once knew...

Also of note:

Q - Beatles and XTC tour together? Pellepennan
A - Only if I could bugger Yoko using Heather's stump. That's the contract breaker. A.P


Little Earl said...

God, talk about an impossible task...

madeleine said...

yay i know what quality street chocolates are! Yeah, I like the summaries, but i still pick john george and paul.

yoggoth said...

I'd probably pick John.

Andy Partridge seems like an interesting guy. It also sounds like he's been having a nervous breakdown the last couple months based upon his posts. I recommend a browse if you're interested in XTC.

Little Earl said...

John? Have you learned nothing?!

yoggoth said...

Paradoxically, the more I learn the more I like him.

Little Earl said...

I checked out the message boards, and yeah, some of this is pretty amusing, especially the last post. You weren't kidding!

yoggoth said...

Haha nope!

Little Earl said...

I like this sentence:

"Well here I am again just to dip my opinionated penis into the fresh cream pie that is the forum."

I thought these comments were interesting as well:

"My favourite viking marauder with the massive 8ft frame and hairy hands the size of plates,the lovely Mrs. Pellepennan of Sweden in Wiltshire,coyly asks why I dont rate female songwriters as much as male?The answer is simple Purplepenii,there are less great female songwriters because proportionaly there are less females who write songs.There are obviously some great female songwriters,Joni Mitchell,Carole King,Judee Sill,Veda Hille etc.but did you ever stop to think why there arent as many female musicians,not to mention authors,painters,sculptors,chefs,composers and so on?My take on it is that women do the ultimate act of creationIE:giving birth, and men have to make do with the poor surrogate of the arts.We blokes do all that other poncey stuff 'cos we cant make kids.Name me 5 great paintings by women?5 great girl guitar virtuosoes blah blah.But then again,name me 5 men who've given birth? Discuss{nights must be long in your neck of the woods this time of year}"

Do you think he has a point?