Friday, March 2, 2007

Another Documentary Gem

This one was about the Athens, GA music scene. It was filmed in 1987 when Micheal Stipe still had hair. Or at least he had some that stuck out around the fringes of his hat. They interviewed him a bit and he seemed quite normal, if a bit on the nervous side. The most ammusing part of the film was the interviews with up and coming Athens bands, none of whom I had heard of.

They had footage of an instrumental band named 'Love Tractor' lamenting the fact that the audience didn't take them seriously as a rock band. I don't know but maybe you should get a singer and not name yourselves Love Tractor. Might help.

Aside from Family Guy reruns, is there anything else on any channel that can compete?


Little Earl said...

Channel 66 on our TV only shows American 80s action movies dubbed in Spanish. I think that's their entire programming. But that's probably not what you meant.

yoggoth said...

Hmm, okay other than that...