Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Midnight Special Infomercial

So I was flipping through the channels waiting for my dinner to cook when on comes this awesome infomercial about a 70s late night music program that I've never heard of but probably should have called Midnight Special. And let me tell you, they had clips from everybody. They had Blondie doing "Heart Of Glass," they had Rod Stewart doing "You Wear It Well," they had James Brown doing "The Payback," I mean everybody. They had this clip of Steely Dan doing "Reelin' in the Years," and Holy Christ, did Donald Fagen's teeth look awful. I hope he took some of that money he was earning and went and got his teeth fixed or something, because lord almighty, they were something else. They had a clip of Patti LaBelle doing "Lady Marmalade" and she had on the most preposterous silver spacesuit outfit; it looked a little like what Sly Stone wore on the Grammys last year. They had Todd Rundgren doing "Hello It's Me" on the piano by himself, they had Al Green doing "Let's Stay Together," Fleetwood Mac was doing "Over My Head" and Lindsey Buckingham had the most incredible white man's Afro I've ever seen. It was just a plethora of solid 70s gold. But not only did they have the music, they also had clips from 70s comedians like Andy Kaufman, George Carlin, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor, and Steve Martin. They showed a clip of Steve Martin where basically all he did was dance around really rapidly. I guess that's what passed for funny back then. Anyway, I was almost tempted to order the damn thing, but cooler heads prevailed.


yoggoth said...

You should have bought it.

Little Earl said...

I'll just wait 'til all the clips show up on YouTube.