Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lesser Children Of The Gods AKA Least Favorite Beatles Songs

So I was surfing the Yellow Submarine message boards on the Internet Movie Database this past weekend and I became intrigued by a thread titled "The WORST Beatles Songs..." Such a harsh phrase - and possibly an oxymoron of sorts. I would prefer to say "Least favorite Beatles songs." Let's face it, hardly any Beatles song is outright bad, but yes, there are certain ones that some of us may tend to skip over every now and again. Having successfully listed my ten favorite Beatles songs two years prior (wow, did I really leave "Hey Jude" out of there?), I am now, ladies and gentlemen, about to attempt the unthinkable. I am about to list...my TEN LEAST FAVORITE BEATLES SONGS. And I encourage anyone else to do the same (note: you do not have to list ten). I don't care how "classic" the track supposedly is. No cow is too sacred here. Just remember that saying a Beatles song is one of your least favorite is not the same as saying that the song is outright bad. I also disqualify from consideration some of the covers that the Beatles performed in their early years and did not write themselves (otherwise you'd probably see "Devil In Her Heart," "Mr. Moonlight," "Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey," "A Taste of Honey," and "Til There Was You" below - and I love The Music Man!). So now, without further ado:

Ask Me Why (Please Please Me)
She's a Woman (single)
I Need You (Help!)
Wait (Rubber Soul)
Yellow Submarine (Revolver)
Good Day Sunshine (Revolver)
Revolution #1 (White Album)
Good Night (White Album)
Don't Let Me Down (single)
The Long and Winding Road (Let It Be)

Honorable mention:

There's a Place (Please Please Me)
Thank You Girl (single)
I Wanna Be Your Man (With The Beatles)
I'll Follow the Sun (Beatles For Sale)
Yes It Is (single)
If I Needed Someone (Rubber Soul)
Good Morning Good Morning (Sgt. Pepper)
The Inner Light (single)
Why Don't We Do It in the Road (White Album)
Birthday (White Album)
Two of Us (Let It Be)
Dig a Pony (Let It Be)

Sorry Ringo, I had to do it.


Herr Zrbo said...

Good morning, Good morning has always irritated me. As for the others, I don't know them well enough. Well, except for Yellow Submarine.

It's good that you're acknowledging that the Beatles aren't infallible. Acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery.

Little Earl said...

Hello, my name is Little Earl, and...I'm a Beatlemaniac.

Yeah, since Sgt. Pepper is such a powerful experience from start to finish I never actually skip "Good Morning, Good Morning," but it does feel like one of those songs that John Lennon sat down and tried to write, rather than one of those songs that simply flowed through him out of the psychedelic ether. Still, within the album it adds variety, and the lyrics are very evocative of Swinging London sleaze. I also don't like the guitar solo, which was actually played by Paul! It's too busy. Compare it to George's solo on "Fixing a Hole." Sure Paul could play a lot of notes, but it's not how many notes you play, but HOW you play the notes you do.

madeleine said...

Yellow Submarine
Hey Jude
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (All the songs they didn't write)
I'm A Loser
Dr. Robert

I think that's fine.

Little Earl said...

1) "All the songs they didn't write"? Does this include Twist and Shout? Or Please Mr. Postman? Or Act Naturally?

2) Hey Jude? I know I said there were no wrong answers but...wrong answer.

madeleine said...

It doesn't include act naturally... and not please mr. postman. Good point.
Are your 'honorable mentions' your second to least favorite beatles songs?

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