Monday, March 2, 2009

Arrested Development

I read on the Onion A.V. Club that someone greenlighted an Arrested Development movie. My response was, "what's Arrested Development?" I noticed that David Cross was involved, which piqued my interest. David Cross is always about to be very funny, but never actually is. But hipsters like him, and he's probably a good writer. Like Conan O'Brien.

One Google search latter, I arrived at the approved of corporate consumption zone - - and found every episode available for viewing. I promptly watched 10 of them. I recommend the show to all of you. It's about a wealthy dysfunctional family that owns a real estate development company. The corrupt father gets arrested for business shenanigans and the good natured son has to take over and keep the family together. That son's son has a crush on his cousin who comes to live with them because of money problems. The good natured son has a crush on his asshole brother's Spanish soap opera star girlfriend. The youngest brother character falls flat, but everything else in the show is well done. With failing real estate companies, families moving back together to save money, and a nation coming to grips with the idea that we'll all have to start doing something other than moving pretend money around on computer screens, this is a show for our times. It was, of course, canceled after 3 seasons of mediocre ratings.

P.S. I begin to slowly hate any product that advertises on these internet broadcasts as I watch their stupid commercial 50 times in a row. There's one for Cheetos with a debonair sounding orange cat promoting sly social rebellion in the form of orange Cheeto fingers wiped on a smug woman's coat. There's also a weird sort-of-anti-racist moment where the smug white woman greets the Cheetos eating woman with an "hola" and gets a smirk in return. I think the white woman is assuming the other woman is a native Spanish speaker, and this is meant to show how rude non-Cheetos-eating women are. Personally, I eat the organic jalapeƱo Cheeto-like snacks from Trader Joes so out-elitist that you marketing fucks.


Herr Zrbo said...

Jeez louise Yoggoth, do you even read your own blog? Please read the final paragraph of this post, not even a month old:
Super Bowl XLIII

Cheetos aside, I was just searching for Arrested Development this weekend too, but it was for the early 90s hip-hop group. I've only caught the show once or twice so I don't have much to say. My mom loves it though.

yoggoth said...

Your mom is alright.

I think that post is talking about a similar but different Cheetos commercial. Consider this a blog theme, rather than an inadvertent repetition.