Saturday, March 28, 2009

World's Least Practical Species?

According to the Associated Press, "Two rare and endangered clouded leopard cubs" were born in Virginia Tuesday, "the first such births there in 16 years. Zoo officials say breeding the animals is a challenge because when a pair are put together to mate, the male often kills the female. Mothers also often accidentally or intentionally kill their cubs." this a species that was ever really going to make it? I'll say one thing: zoologists sure love a good challenge.


Sarah said...

captivity does strange things to animals. I'm sure some kind of witty analogy could be made to the kind of human couples who appear on Jerry Springer, but I am struck mute by the cuteness of baby snow leopards.

madeleine said...

You can't have that many tiny cute things around at one time. sometimes you have to kill a few?

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