Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yankees Lose

Oh baby. Feel the Schadenfreude. Feel it.

Roger Clemens back in May: "I'm going to sign with the team that's got the best chance of winning a championship."


Yankees front office: "Hey, yeah, let's sign Clemens for $28 million to bail us out of all our pitching problems, sure, no sweat."

Sunday night's game: Clemens pitches 2 1/3 innings, pulls hamstring, gives Yankees a 3-0 deficit.

Oh yeah.

"Yankees choke in the first round three years in a row."

Can you feel it? Can you feeeeeeel it?

Hmmm. Taste that chokage. Taste it nice and sweet. Yeah, that's it. Oh baby. Harder. Mmmm.

"Yankees in shambles." "Firing this guy." "Firing that guy." Yes. Collapse. Crumble. Crack into a thousand crumbs under the weight of your unbearable shame.

Here's the coffin. Here's the nail. Oh - it's going - going in - into the coffin - oh god - piercing - its rusty way - into the heart - of Derek Jeter - oh please no - it's - Over.

Let's give it up to the Indians. My pop's home town. Cleveland in the hoooouuuuuse. "Yankees won all six games against the Indians in the regular season." Yeah, uh, too bad the regular season ain't the playoffs.

Indians vs. Red Sox. This one should be good. Hey, does anybody see the Yankees anywhere? Where'd they go? Weren't they just right over there? I swear I could have seen them a minute ago. Oh wait.

Hope they've got a TV.


yoggoth said...

Too bad the Cowboys had to win.

Little Earl said...

I saw that one, yeah that had to hurt.

Schrödinger's Penguin said...

Cowgirls winning was like an arrow to the heart.

Who can resist Tony Homo?

yoggoth said...

Another theory is that all of this drama is made up and that the Yankees aren't going to change much of anything.