Monday, October 29, 2007

More Sprinkles on the Perfect Sundae

Yesterday has seen the addition of two fine new DVDs to the almost unholy Little Earl collection. Yoggoth has already summarized the appeal of Pickpocket better than I ever could. The Philadelphia Story is a terrifically saucy old Hollywood classic, back when movie stars were movie stars and their names on the poster really meant something. It's the only appearance in my collection so far for either Katherine Hepburn or Cary Grant; Jimmy Stewart, on the other hand, is making his fourth. Maybe he wasn't the greatest actor ever, but it's possible he starred in more great movies than anybody else - at least for his era. The man knew how to pick 'em.

New, restored high-definition digital transfer
Audio commentary by film scholar James Quandt
New video introduction by writer-director Paul Schrader
The Models of "Pickpocket," a 2003 documentary by filmmaker Babette Mangolte, featuring actors from the film
A 1960 interview with Bresson, from the French television program Cinepanorama
Q&A on Pickpocket, with actress Marika Green and filmmakers Paul Vecchiali and Jean-Pierre Ameris fielding questions at a 2000 screening of the film
Footage of sleight-of-hand artist and Pickpocket consultant Kassagi, from a 1962 episode of the French television show La piste aux etoiles
Original theatrical poster
New and improved English subtitle translation
A new essay by novelist and culture critic Gary Indiana

The Philadelphia Story
Disc 1: Digitally Remastered Movie with Commentary by Film Historian Jeannine Basinger
George Cukor Movie Trailer Gallery
Disc 2: Two Documentaries About the Star and Director: Katharine Hepburn: All About Me - A Self-Portrait and The Men Who Made the Movies: George Cukor
Robert Benchley Short: That Inferior Feeling
Cartoon: The Homeless Flea
Audio-Only Bonus: Two Radio Adaptations Featuring the Movie's Three Stars

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