Sunday, January 28, 2007

The 10 Greatest Songs by Pavement

Baptist Blacktick (westing by musket and sextant, slanted and enchanted redux)
Zurich is Stained (slanted&enchanted)
Here (slanted&enchanted)
Range Life (crooked rain, crooked rain)
Filmore Jive (crooked rain, crooked rain)
Silence Kit (crooked rain, crooked rain)
Serpentine Pad (wowee zowee)
Stereo (brighten the corners)
Shady Lane (brighten the corners)
Carrot Rope (terror twilight)


Little Earl said...

Can you give me albums? I might want to go listen to some of these.

Little Earl said...

Thanks (I see it's in rough chronological order now)

yoggoth said...

That was the easiest way for me to think about it so I did it that way.