Sunday, April 1, 2012

Johnny Cash's Daughter Made Better Music In The '80s Than He Did

Being a Johnny Cash fan, I always heard about how his oldest daughter Rosanne was a successful and respected musician in her own right. "Whatever," I always thought. "She made country music ... in the '80s. Probably not that good." I was probably wrong.

"Seven Year Ache" is like New Wave/Country. There's a synthesizer and a steel guitar. That sounds like it would be terrible, but it is so not terrible. Rosanne also has a more conventionally beautiful singing voice than her father's. Where the hell did it come from?

Sadly, this New Wave/Country hybrid was not expanded upon by Rosanne Cash, or by anyone else. Let's just say that, after the early '80s, country music decided to go in a ... different direction. I mean, when the Chipmunks start doing your genre, you know you've jumped the shark.

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