Thursday, March 29, 2012

Belinda Becomes Obsessed With Charles Manson

Ah, to be a 12-year-old Valley Girl. There's nothing like that magical time when you first begin discovering boys, clothes, music, and ... Charles Manson.
I couldn't get enough of Manson and his so-called family. I was fascinated when I learned about Manson's foray into pop music: that his evil had been inspired by the Beatles song "Helter Skelter," and his life had also intersected with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson. I got out my copy of Pet Sounds and looked at Wilson, wondering how he could have gotten involved with Manson.
Later, I learned he had picked up two girls who were hitchhiking, and they turned out to be members of Manson's family. Soon Manson and a bunch of girls were living in Wilson's house. He introduced Manson to the Beach Boys Producer Terry Melcher, who rented his home to Polanski, and that was where the murders took place.

It was weird, creepy, scary, terrible, and about the most interesting stuff I had ever come across. My mom scolded me when she saw me reading the stories in the paper. She didn't approve of my fascination with Manson. She probably feared I was being brainwashed when I stared at his picture. His gaze was powerful; those eyes certainly did cast a spell, and I can understand now how he was able to lure weak-minded women under his influence.
So, just to clarify. This woman ...

... was obsessed with this man:

Just wanted to get that straight.
I especially got into the trial of Susan Adkins, a dark-haired flower child who was convicted of participating in eight of the murders. My mom forbade me to follow her story. She said it was too much for a child. But I snuck the paper into my room at night and read all the articles about her.
Yes, Belinda. It was clear, from the very beginning, that the life of a typical Valley Girl was not going to be for you.

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