Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Bit of Variety

Our last three posts are about Pitchfork articles? Is this what our existence consists of?

Here are some other interesting things I've read lately:

Our brains are hardwired for math.

Corporatist ideology at work in West Virginia, where the state Chamber of Commerce opposes health care reform so that Obama won't have time to work on cap-and-trade environmental legislation.

Lebanese-American author Khalil Gibran's early story "Khalil the Heretic," in which the author's namesake, an obvious stand in for Jesus, confronts oppressive clergy and feudal leaders, inspires his fellow countrymen to cast off their shackles and seize freedom and prosperity, and is so generally wonderful that a young and beautiful virgin woman falls in love with him. It's nice to know that even successful people write embarrassing stories like this when they are young.

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Little Earl said...

I'm not sure "Khalil The Heretic" sounds all that far removed from "The Prophet." At least the protagonist in "The Prophet" wasn't named Khalil I guess.

Also on that "Brain" site: "Where Does Sex Live in the Brain." Apparently there was "a woman who complained of orgasms that swept over her when she brushed her teeth."