Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dolphins Are Actually Evil!

You knew it all along, didn't you? Behind those beguiling eyes and that innocent giggle lay the heart of a murderous beast. And who is their victim of choice? Porpoises. Those porpoises, who do they think they are? Perhaps dolphins have finally decided to help humans out in our attempt to destroy all known marine life. Hey, why go around killing porpoises ourselves when we can just have dolphins do it?


Peter Matthew Reed said...

That Telegraph (also known as the Torygraph) is an advert for a television program. Thanks for the science...

Little Earl said...

Not so fast. I was originally going to link to this SF Chronicle story (which is how I actually found out about this wonderful aspect of dolphin behavior), but I thought the Telegraph story was funnier:

Scientists: dolphins killing porpoises on CA coast

Saturday, November 7, 2009

11-07) 21:06 PST Moss Landing, Calif. (AP) --

Marine biologists believe they have found the culprit in attacks on porpoises off the California coast: dolphins.

Scientists with the nonprofit conservation group Okeanis say they captured video of a group of bottlenose dolphins attacking and killing a porpoise.

For the past five years, there have been a growing number of dead harbor porpoises washing up on California shores. The scientists had suspected dolphins were to blame because of the type of injuries the porpoises sustained, but now the video supports the theory.

Okeanis is collaborating with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Marine Mammal Center, Long Marine Lab and the Moss Landing Marine Mammal Center to find out why the relatively docile dolphins are attacking.