Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ludology 101

Allow me to gloat for a second here. I just finished up another semester of school yesterday, finally free to run around and enjoy the sun for a couple of months. The final project for one of my classes was to create a guide to a particular subject of our choosing. Known as a pathfinder in the library biz, these guides are designed to serve as an introduction to materials describing a subject, any subject, from Shakespeare to Dada. Naturally, I chose to make mine on videogames. It's got links to websites, the Ebert/Croal debate, and call numbers for those book-things in case you ever found yourself in a real library. Since no one else is ever going to see this thing besides my professor, I thought I'd share it with you here, have fun.


Peter Matthew Reed said...

What's on the list of games in 100 Videogames? Is it any better than the rock lists discussed previously on this site?

Herr Zrbo said...

I stumbled upon it while browsing the stacks. The authors spend the entire introduction explaining how they purposefully didn't make it a ranked list, and it's not even necessarily a 'best of' list either. Some of the games listed were total bombs but had so much hype surrounding them that the authors considered them influential just for the mark (or lack thereof) that they left on the industry.

Each game is looked at from a critical perspective, unlike typical 'game reviews' in magazines. I quoted part of their piece on Metal Gear Solid in my last analysis (the paragraph above the green pic of Snake). I really enjoyed their writing style, I would have bought the book if I couldn't have just borrowed it from the library.

Peter Matthew Reed said...

I'll have to keep my eyes open for it. I like your assignment.

Anonymous said...

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