Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Further Reading on Entry Bans

Here is Tariq Ramadan's Op-Ed in the Washington Post describing why he has not been allowed entry into the United States. He has been unable to assume the tenured professorship that he was offered at Notre Dame. Where does he live instead? Why in dreaded free speech hating England, of course.

The Washington Times ran an article in March describing Ramadan's exclusion. There we read, "Such “ideological exclusion” dates back to the Cold War, the groups note, when the United States refused entry to leading scholars, writers and activists, including Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez, Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Italian playwright Dario Fo, British novelist Doris Lessing and Canadian writer and environmentalist Farley Mowat."

(Hat tip to Glenn Greenwald for both of these articles.)

Time to be outraged, eh Ninquelote?


ninquelote said...

Wow; kinda being an ass today, eh, Yoggoth? I hope all this research to besmirch me isn't cutting into your finals time.

I'm more annoyed than outraged about what these two articles have to say. The vast majority of these cases (and your previous post as well) have to do with us making the federal government too large, and their paranoia about Muslims as possible terrorists. There's too much bureaucracy to get anything done or updated. We elect these people to represent us and they ultimately don't.

But like I said previously, it seems to me that Jacqui Smith had more of a personal vendetta against a couple of people so she barred them from England. And the people in these articles did the right thing by taking their cases to court. Maybe you should become a judge, Yoggoth, so you can make better decisions than the court did in these instances.

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