Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Man Speaks As Hitch Speaks

Here is a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Eric Alterman.

From the comments:

"It never ceases to amaze me that I do, in fact, agree (by and large) with Alterman but find myself rooting for Hitchens. Am I shallow? Is it the accent? Drawn to a fellow atheist and libertine? Great vlog. Thanks to both."

"Even when I strongly disagree with Hitchens, I love to listen to him make his arguments."

Both men argue around each other a bit, but on the whole I found it interesting.

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Little Earl said...

Absorbing clip! This is what televised political commentary SHOULD be like. But yes, even though I for the most part agreed with Alterman (I thought he represented the "liberal" perspective forcefully and with nuance), there IS something about Hitch. I think it's because his thought process is more unpredictable. It's because he has a touch of MADNESS about him. Perhaps it's the hair as well.

As somebody in the comments put it, "Hitchens makes the best argument for the war in Iraq that can be made." But as somebody else in the comments put it, "Christopher Hitchens isn't a counter example to the left, he's an individual writer who had nothing much to do with the Bush administration and had influence over a small number of people. He's a counterargument to the US right in that way -- a vision of what they might sound like if they had been willing to make the case for war honestly." In the end they both said they supported Obama, so there you go.