Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy - Now With More Flavor!

The Cold War is over and Chinese Democracy is now looming on the horizon. No, not that kind of democracy, I'm talking about the new Guns 'n Roses album! After something like 15 years we'll finally be seeing Axl's long awaited follow-up to.. uh, ahem, The Spaghetti Incident? (their '?' mark). If you are unaware this album has a long history. It's been talked about for years, with Axl guaranteeing that it would be released "soon" for about 10 years now. Its non-release has practically become legend at this point, somewhere up there with the release of Duke Nukem Forever and the proper version of Star Wars that we all remember.

So legendary in fact that earlier this year the makers of the soda Dr. Pepper came out and promised free Dr. Pepper for everyone if Chinese Democracy were to release this calendar year. And with the actual announcement of a release date (Nov. 23rd) Dr. Pepper is actually making good on that promise. You'll be able to go to Dr. Pepper's website that day and download a coupon for a free drink. Then when you get home with your new GnR album clutched in hand, you'll be able to crack open a nice cold soda as you let the homophobic-yet-I-wish-I-were-Elton-John/Freddie-Mercury-wannabee-tones of Axl's voice sweep over you. Aaah, refreshing!


yoggoth said...

I was searching for words to describe Axl's voice the other night. You nailed it Zrbo.

Little Earl said...

Yes, Yoggoth and I were joking about this last night. The record industry's troubles are OVER! But I'm pretty sure you stole that "Elton John/Freddie Mercury" line from AMG's review of Use Your Illusion I & II, no?

Herr Zrbo said...

Hey, stop releaving my sources!

Well, I mostly stole the Elton reference, I already associated Axl with Freddie from when he played at that tribute concert years ago.

Little Earl said...

Yeah, you mean that Freddie Mercury tribute concert where he went on stage with - Elton John!

Nice picture by the way.

Herr Zrbo said...

Wait, was Elton there too? I only remember Elton and Axl together (at last!) playing November Rain at the Video music awards all those years ago.

The pic was easy to find, it was one of the first that came up when I did a search. It's pretty rockin'.