Thursday, May 15, 2008

Untoward to a Quokka

This really puts our election to shame. The story starts with:

"Troy Buswell was groaning and writhing in sexual pleasure after lifting a chair above his head and sniffing the seat deeply, the woman at the centre of the sex scandal has revealed."

And then the plot thickens:

"West Australian Opposition leader Troy Buswell has admitted to chair-sniffing in the past but today he denied having done anything untoward to a quokka.

Mr Buswell, who has also admitted to snapping the bra of a Labor staffer, faced question at Parliament House after sacked frontbencher Paul Omodei had said “more stories” would emerge about Mr Buswell and that his leadership would “die the death of a thousand cuts”.

Asked if he had done anything inappropriate to a quokka, Mr Buswell replied: “No”.

Asked if he was aware of any rumours about actions involving the small marsupials, which are indigenous to Rottnest Island, Mr Buswell said: “I have absolutely no idea about these stories of quokkas on Rottnest.

“I'm not being backward in saying that I'm not a perfect individual and you know I've had a robust past and there may be elements of that that have proved offensive to people.

“I don't shy away away from that at all, but I'm not aware that I've caused any offence to a quokka.”

Asked how the rumours had started, Mr Buswell said: “I have no idea.

“I'm not going to comment on it. All I've heard is people use the word quokka and then smile and laugh.

“I'm just not interested to be honest with you.”

He said none of his MPs had come to him to report the rumour.

“Members of the press have in passing mentioned the word quokka and suggested to me that something inappropriate in the past may have happened,” he said.

“Nothing has, absolutely nothing.”

I found the story on CrookedTimber, a nice sociology/politics blog if you are so inclined.

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