Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm a sucker for interesting looking graphical representations of information. The diagram of government spending above brings a smile to my face. This mosaic of consumer spending brings shivers to my spine. And you can zoom in!

Marvel at spending on cable exceeding child care or spending on "Clocks, Lamps, Decorations" exceeding books and supplies.


Peter Matthew Reed said...

Yeah, that's totally pretty. It's interesting how many of the bubbles other than the DoD include 'national security' 'terrorism' or 'defence' spending as well.

Herr Zrbo said...

In the consumer spending diagram they show rent as being only 5.8%! That can't be right, even outside of California, say in Idaho, rent has gotta be more than 5.8%. Unless they mean for rent to equal rent + owners equivalent rent, that would be more realistic.

yoggoth said...

Many people do not rent. Mortgages would be in "owner's equivalent rent". Rent is higher than 5.8% - but only for those that pay rent. Housing at school is also its own category, which could be considered part of rent as well. That's only .1%, however.

Did anyone notice that indoor plant spending justifies its own category?