Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Study: Monkeys Pay For Sex!

Study: Monkeys 'pay' for sex by grooming

Ladies and gentlemen! Is a new age upon us? Just think: what incredible array of possibilities does this information portend for the human race? Perhaps prostitution should now be called "human grooming"? Or perhaps we should develop some kind of "Biological Market Exchange," where economists rate the quality of the "mating market" of certain colleges and universities based on the favorability/unfavorability of each schools' male-to-female ratio?

The possibilities, people...the possibilities.


ninquelote said...

Alright, nobody's said it, but I know you're all thinking it so I will be the bad guy.

Hey LE, Monkeys trading sex for grooming! It sounds like there may still be hope for you.

Little Earl said...

Words of wisdom from a man who's been there before.