Monday, January 7, 2008

Best Albums of the '90s -- aka Internet Killed the MTV Star

Originally we intended to follow the Best Movies of the '80s with the Best Albums of the '80s. But after dwelling for so long in that dank, fetid decade, we decided to crack open the skylight a little bit and give the Best Albums of the '90s a try (besides, the '80s aren't going anywhere; we can always work our way back, right?).

I'd say that artistically, the '90s were an improvement over the '80s. I have more enthusiasm for my ten best albums of the '90s list than I would over a ten best albums of the '80s list, just as I would have more enthusiasm for a ten best movies of the '90s list than I had for my ten best movies of the '80s list. Artists just seemed to be a little more into it in the '90s. Since the '80s had created a bit of a vacuum, musicians and filmmakers were able to reach back to the '70s, and even the '60s, for a re-kindling of that original passion. Ultimately it looks like that new fire hasn't burned quite as hotly and for quite as long, but in a way the '00s are still in the process of distinquishing themselves from the '90s. Well, at least cinematically. Musically, I feel that the '90s ultimately created a closed narrative of its own - one that probably ended in the final last gasp of popular music as we know it (or so I controversially propose).

However, a few words of warning. Our faithful readers might assume that, since you've all lived so recently through the '90s, you would find the entries in our Best Albums of the '90s list much more familiar. Although I hesitate to predict anyone's reaction, my hunch is that this will not be so. No grunge, for example, has made my list. Hip-hop will not be making an appearance. In some ways, the '90s represented the largest split between American and British tastes. Although I have never even visited England, my list will make it appear as though I have been raised in a flat in Chelsea. In short, keep an open mind and you might learn about some of Britpop's finest moments. Yoggoth, in turn, will be broadcasting his list "live from the bowels" of his old college radio station. Stay tuned and have fun.

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