Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Preview Wears Prada

Yoggoth and I attended a matinee screening of Michael Clayton yesterday. Before the movie (which was quite good, by the way) began, we were treated to a pair of previews for two upcoming romantic comedies named, if I'm correct, R.S.V.P. and P.S. I Love You. Near the end of the preview for R.S.V.P., a credit came on the screen saying, "From the screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada." Near the end of the preview for P.S. I Love You, a credit came on the screen saying, "From the producer of The Devil Wears Prada." Yoggoth turned to me and said, "Wait a second, didn't they just say that for the last movie?" I responded, "No no, the last one was the screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada, this one was the producer." Laughter, and a comic riff, immediately ensued:

"From the casting director who brought you The Devil Wears Prada!"
"From the key grip who brought you The Devil Wears Prada!"

I mean, do people even care about that sort of thing anyway? Or do people just go, "Wow, honey, it's Julia Roberts. Let's go see that." And since when did The Devil Wears Prada earn such a brand-name value? It's like, "From the people who brought you 3:10 To Yuma!" To be fair, I haven't even seen it, so maybe I should before I talk smack. Or maybe I should go slaughter a flock of endangered geese instead.


ninquelote said...

I liked Michael Clayton also.

Wow, how do you guys find all this time to see movies together, what with Yoggoth knee deep in law suits and Little Earl resume building to the hilt?

Little Earl said...

I had my brother's car for the night. It was all very sudden.

Michael Clayton: very clean, crisp, and elegant, no?

ninquelote said...

MC was a great movie. I liked the story, the writing was amazing, and it was brilliantly paced.

One of my favorite sequences is when the U/North woman, Karen, is practicing, in front of the mirror (while trying on several "smart looking" outfits), the answers to the questions she's been fed for her interview that day. It sort of reminds me of a certain other group that recently held a press conference and sort of forgot to invite the actual press. It's all staged no matter how you slice it.

herr zrbo said...

Well, Devil Wears Prada was on the NY Times bestseller list for over 6 months (thanks Wikipedia!), and was turned into that movie as well. I'm sure there's lots of 20 something females who would see that up on the screen and might say 'hey I'd like to see that RSVPPSBYOB movie!' Who do you think's watching America's Next Top Model?