Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Malkmus Album

Read over at good old realiable Pitchfork.

The news guy over at pitchfork mentions 'hyper-literate slackers' and Pynchon. What a fallacious stereotype!


Little Earl said...

Who wrote the press release?

"The bears were just coming out of Hibernation; it was easy to stay indoors and focus on the riffage."

Or: "Not long after the Jicks hit the stage, a giant Green Man will appear. He will menace the indie mob, but dont worry, its all under control, all part of the 'green man experience'. Offer him some grouse wing stew....he will become quite pleasant."

Or: "'THe world needs preparation, preparation, preparation H!!!!' said one intern at the label."

Can we hire this guy?

I also like how Pitchfork refers to itself as "P4k".

yoggoth said...

The Malk himself wrote that.

Little Earl said...

Wow, he's pretty funny. Has he thought about fronting a band?

yoggoth said...

He is in talks to front a reunited INXS.