Monday, January 29, 2007

Yoggoth's thoughts on Hamlet

Well I'm supposed to be writing a paper about critical approaches to Hamlet. I guess if you have to compare critical approaches Hamlet's about the easiest subject. I read TS Eliot's essay on Hamlet. He didn't like it much, saying that Hamlet was more disturbed than he should have been considering the events of the play. I' ve always kinda thought this is what makes Hamlet interesting and hey at least it's better than Cats right? Oh, and the Wasteland was so cool...when it was used to much better effect in The Great Gatsby!

Of course, the real reason Hamlet is so popular is that young middle to upper class white men can put themselves in Hamlet's shoes. What would happen if some guy murdered my dad, stole my money, and fucked my mom? Uh, I'd probably fuck around for a while acting nuts, piss off some random girl that I like for no reason, screw over my friends that I didn't really like that much anyway, and then end up completely fucking everything up in the end so some other guy can come in and work things out. I guess what I'm saying is that Hamlet is the most impressively, dramatically, intelligently inept character ever. The John Cusack of Early Modern drama???

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