Monday, January 29, 2007

The Domed One Speaks

Brian Eno Producing New Coldplay Album

He will try to fix them

In an interview with Kristy Lang on BBC Radio 4's Front Row program today, producer/musician/artist/god Brian Eno revealed that he is producing the next Coldplay album. "I think [the album] will be very original and very different from what they've done before," Eno said.

Well, that's good to know.

Lang and Eno had been discussing the Talking Heads' influence on current pop music, so Lang had to ask if the new Coldplay album will sound at all like that band.

Eno laughed and replied, "Funnily enough, I mentioned to David Byrne the other day that we are trying very hard to stay clear of Talking Heads."

Whew. If there's anything worse than Coldplay trying to sound like Coldplay, it's Coldplay trying to sound like the Talking Heads.

To hear the full interview, in which Eno talks about his current art exhibits, his views on spirituality, and his take on the state of the music industry, go here.

(I tried to hear the interview but got confused on the website.)

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