Monday, January 29, 2007

The Departed

Unfortunately it looks like this movie is on it's way to becoming the Goodfellas of the 00's, a decent movie that's actually worse because so many people take it too seriously. It's well made and entertaining but it has absolutely no moral or message other then, 'don't work for the Boston PD, ever.' The actors are too good looking to actually be cops. In his favor though, this is the first time I haven't wanted to hit Leonardo DiCaprio in the face after watching him in a movie. I think Goodfellas is the superiour movie. Those scenes in towards the end where they are all strung out on coke, including the nice Jewish wife, are excellent. I'm sorry but hyping every movie that Scorsesi makes is not the same thing as going back in time and giving him an oscar for his good movies.


Little Earl said...

Hey, be careful not to infringe on my territory there buddy. But yeah, I sort of agree, although I thought it was better than "decent," and I thought it was better than Bringing Out The Dead, Gangs of New York, and The Aviator. The truth is that if they're itching to give Scorsese a token Oscar, he deserves it more for this movie than the other ones. But yes, The Departed was not really a profound work of art, exactly.

Little Earl said...

On the other hand, imagine if someone told you it was a movie by a first-time director. You'd be pretty impressed, would you not? I mean, it'd be better than Get Shorty, you know what I'm sayin'? Critics would probably call the guy "The next Tarantino."

My point is that Scorsese's reputation makes it almost impossible to view the film on its own merits.

yoggoth said...

Actually, I don't go into a Scorsese movie expecting much. The only movies of his that I've been really impressed by are Mean Streats and Taxi Driver.

If it was by a different director I think I'd say the same thing I'm saying now. I don't have as much interest in artistic careers as you do I don't think.

Little Earl said...

Well I don't have as much interest in artistic careers as you think I don't think you think I do.

Scorsese is one of my favorite directors, I guess, because almost all of his films are worth watching, and they're all pretty different from each other, and yet they all meet a certain standard.

I thought you said you really liked The King Of Comedy as well? And the next two in my ranking you haven't seen, so...yeah.

yoggoth said...

I did really like Kings of Comedy. The weird thing is that for me there is a huge gap between really liking someing and being impressed by the fact that someone made it. It has to be one of the greatest whatevers ever for me to say, 'wow I'm amazed anyone made that.' This probably has something to do with an inflated ego on my part. Or maybe nihilism/irresponsibility? Maybe I should make a post about it.