Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Answer is Die Antwoord

Forgive me if I'm late to the party, but just recently I was exposed to the videos of South African group "Die Antwoord". With a bizarre mix of hip-hop and rave music, Die Antwoord has some of the weirdest and outlandish music videos that I've seen in a great while (perhaps since Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy").

AMG tells me that members Ninja and Yolandi are merely conceptual artists, and I'm glad to hear that because their videos look like they come out of some sort of post-apocalyptic heroin-infused hell. Take a gander at these three videos:

Baby's on Fire is perhaps their tamest video, but still weird.

Cookie Thumper gets a little stranger...

And then there's Fatty Boom Boom. Featuring a Lady Gaga impersonator wearing the infamous meat dress  and Yolandi in blackface, this video is just all kinds of bizarre, including Gaga visiting a gynecologist with some unexpected results (one conceptual artist taking a swipe at another?). If you're going to watch one of Die Antwoord's videos, watch this one. Then be glad that you don't do meth or heroin.

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Little Earl said...

This might be the direction that rap should have gone in, but hasn't. The girl is like if Eminem mated with a wood sprite. And they've got some interesting lyrics, to say the least:

Shut down, motherfucker it's on
Apocalypse Now, I'm capitalist bomb

You gonna get me like Eric Cartman
Little kitty kitty go meow

I smell lovely 'cause I don't eat meat
Too much bubbly and I go pee pee

Then there's the verse from the guy where he raps about having an offshore account, hating Vanilla Ice, and the first time he ejaculated - and not necessarily in that order. I'm amazed I even understood as much as I did without the subtitles.