Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeffrey Osborne - No Relation To Ozzy

Like Lionel Richie and Kool & The Gang before him, Jeffrey Osborne may have risen to prominence as a funk/disco artist, but his heart was in Cosby Rock.

As the lead singer of L.T.D., Osborne had a #4 hit in 1977 with "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again."

But every time he turned around, R&B trends shifted behind him.

Clearly, Osborne needed to be singing inspirational MOR ballads:

Or maybe he needed to be singing sleazy, pseudo-Rick James funk numbers (with requisite imitation "Beat It" guitar solo):

Damn it, '80s, make up your mind!

Editor's note: According to several YouTube commentators, that "requisite imitation 'Beat It' guitar solo" I was just making fun of was actually performed by Brian May of Queen (!). Hey Michael Jackson, you can have Eddie Van Halen.

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