Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paul Davis - "Cool"; Not Actually Cool

Did you know that Axl Rose's father used to be a soft rock musician? All right, so Paul Davis was not Axl Rose's father. But he should have been. Or Gregg Allman's long-lost brother. Either way, he was one scraggly-looking Yacht Rock singer.

Davis had two big hits in 1982. Nothing gives me that "supermarket in Palm Springs" vibe like "Cool Night," a song so breezy it could have given the Sun goose bumps. "Cool Night" might also boast the best example of what is known in YouTube-speak as a "TUKC" - Totally Unnecessary Key Change. In addition, Davis became the first songwriter to ever rhyme "night" with "light" and "right." Why hadn't somebody thought of this before?

"65 Love Affair," on the other hand, was like a nostalgic pastiche of '50s nostalgic pastiches such as "Crocodile Rock." It was a song that was nostalgic for '70s nostalgia songs. It was like nostalgia cubed.


Herr Zrbo said...

That guy's hair. Just wow. Did he fall asleep under a tree for 20 years?

Little Earl said...

He's actually Rapunzel's great-great-grandson. Also Crystal Gayle's uncle, I heard.

Seriously though, when you hear his voice, do you expect him to look like that? I think I expected someone more like ... I don't know, Rupert Holmes?