Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zrbo Got Married

Our little Zrbo has finally grown up! On a luminous Saturday evening somewhere on the outskirts of Mill Valley, Zrbo and Mrs. Zrbo became one big giant Zrbo. She has apparently pledged to continue tolerating his passion for video games. Such a woman can rarely be found.

In related news, Marin City is the ghetto of Marin. Yes, there is a ghetto in Marin. It even has genuine ghetto cred, as 2Pac actually lived there in the late '80s. Try not to find yourself in Marin City too often.


Herr Zrbo said...

Unlike Peggy Sue I hopefully won't have to go back in time to prevent myself from marrying Nicolas Cage.

Well, we couldn't have asked for nicer weather, though it would have been nice if Big Earl had hung around a little longer, I barely had the chance to talk to him.

Just got back from Catalina island followed by a day in Disneyland. Did I mention how terrible L.A. is, because it really is. Smog, freeways, and more smog. Oh, and traffic.

I should be back now more frequently, now that I don't have to plan for a wedding anymore. And thanks for coming!

Little Earl said...

My pleasure, thanks for having me.

The bro and sister-in-law did give me a ride across the bridge; I believe they went back to their hotel after that. Perhaps your confusion might explain a text message I received back in San Francisco, as I was climbing into my bed at 12:30 AM, from a certain (possibly drunk?) host, asking "Hey whered your bro go?"

Herr Zrbo said...

I actually wasn't drunk, just lazy with my typing. I hadn't seen him come back to the hotel and we were all partying down in the lobby (the hotel actually invited us to party there instead of in one of our rooms to prevent noise). I called and texted him a few times but he wasn't responding, I was honestly a little worried that he hadn't made it down the mountain. Turns out he got back from dropping you off and went straight to bed.

yoggoth said...

congratulations Zrbo. Video game tolerance or even video game playing is a valuable quality in a mate. I find the wii helps in that regard.

Herr Zrbo said...

Not only did she mention games in our vows, she actually bought me a Wii recently. Now that's a woman.