Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ebert Shrugged

Finally, the cinematic event we've all been eagerly awaiting - Atlas Shrugged: The Movie! But hmm, what's this? How come I haven't heard of the director ... or any of the actors? Where's Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal? According to Ebert, it sounds like I should save my hard-earned Objectivist money. Highlights:
There are conversations in English after which I sometimes found myself asking, "What did they just say?" The dialogue seems to have been ripped throbbing with passion from the pages of Investors’ Business Daily. Much of the excitement centers on the tensile strength of steel ... Rarely, perhaps never, has television news covered the laying of new railroad track with the breathless urgency of the news channels shown in this movie.

The movie is constructed of a few kinds of scenes: (1) People sipping their drinks in clubby surroundings and exchanging dialogue that sounds like corporate lingo; (2) railroads, and lots of ’em; (3) limousines driving through cities in ruin and arriving at ornate buildings; (4) city skylines; (5) the beauties of Colorado. There is also a love scene, which is shown not merely from the waist up but from the ears up. The man keeps his shirt on. This may be disappointing for libertarians, who I believe enjoy rumpy-pumpy as much as anyone.

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