Sunday, February 13, 2011

Misery Central

Let's hear it, once again, for California's Central Valley which, according to MSN Real Estate, contains four of the nation's top five most miserable cities within its agriculturally oriented confines. Please give it up for:





And last but not least, let's not forget the Bay Area's own Vallejo at number nine. Oakland, be proud.


Peter Matthew Reed said...

One of the factors they mention is the CA tax rate on earnings over $50k. Not something which affected me in Sacramento. The sports team is bad, sure, but not a lot of people actually care about that, and actually, supporting a bad team brings people together just the same as a good team. One thing which made living in Sacramento disproportionately worse than the rest of CA was the furloughs.
Sac was a very happy place for me to live in, with a thriving art scene which is wildly popular among the kind of people who would never go to an art show here in Bakersfield.
Basically, I call shenanigans!

Little Earl said...

Shenanigans indeed. Hey, it's just some article on MSN; what did you expect? Yes, in general I have found Sacramento very non-miserable, at least compared to Bakersfield (I've even had a good time in Bakersfield, believe it or not). How does one quantify "misery" anyway? I could be miserable in Disneyland, for crying out loud.