Saturday, July 31, 2010

Herr Zrbo: Game Archivist?

Well folks, it looks like yours truly has found his dream job. Or at least his dream internship. See that bearded guy second from the right? That's professor Henry Lowood, curator for History of Science and Technology Collections at Stanford. And I'm going to be working with him. Yes, somehow I managed to secure an internship with the premier researcher in the field of video game preservation. It's somewhat surreal. I've been citing this guy in a bunch of my school papers and now I'll be working under him. I'll be working on a slew of different projects, but one of them has something to do with archiving Doom. Yes, Doom. Whoever thought "played Doom" would be a valuable thing to have on your resume? Anyways, here's a New York Times article from 2007 featuring Henry Lowood for further reading. Oh yeah, in other developments me and the girl got engaged. It's going to be a wild autumn.


Little Earl said...

So, Zrbo, what have you been up to?

I'll assume this is a paid internship? I once had an internship but it was unpaid. I didn't make any money while I was doing it. Well, I did receive a couple of Starbucks gift cards I guess.

I'm not terribly surprised to hear that "played Doom" is a valuable thing to have on one's resume, as we live in the Bay Area and I know plenty of people who work for video games companies and I see postings on Craigslist that ask for "video game experience" all the time, and I have none, so I never reply to those postings. Yoggoth once had a temp job in Foster City testing video games. But congratulations nonetheless.

At any rate, when's the wedding? Another trip to Vegas perhaps?

Herr Zrbo said...

No, it's unpaid, earning credit for school instead. No idea when the wedding will be, we really haven't thought about it yet. If Yoggoth was in Foster City he must have been temping at Sony?