Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Rant #5: Is This What Independence Really Means To People?

The freedom to set off a bunch of annoying little explosives every three God damn minutes, all night long, every night, for a whole fucking week? Maybe I'm sounding like a crotchety old man here, but honestly, how much fun can it really be? Do you think you're some bad ass rebel because, for one lousy week out of the year, you get to blow shit up and not get arrested for it? Are you really that desperate for some kind of excitement in your life? Do you really get that much of a kick out of making your fellow residents feel like they live in a bullet-ridden war zone? Men like Jefferson and Adams put their lives on the line so that you could annoy the shit out of me at three in the morning?

I ask you: Is this what the Founding Fathers would have wanted?


yoggoth said...

I love fireworks and explosions. Put some headphones on and let us freedom lovers have some fun for a few days you ninny.

Little Earl said...

See, it's different in Visalia, where you probably hear a loud boom in the night and think, "Oh, it's a firecracker." But here in the city, you hear a loud boom and think, "Did somebody just get shot? Oh wait, it's probably just a firecracker. But maybe somebody got shot. Hmm, I guess I'll find out in the paper tomorrow morning."

Herr Zrbo said...

I've been getting annoyed at the constant din of noise coming from our apartment's pool due to the hot weather, but then I figure there's only about 10 days of the year when anyone actually even uses our pool, so I just don't let it bother me.

I can see that fireworks are annoying but it's only for a few days now and a day around New Year's. And fireworks are kind of fun - we lit off some and had a good time doing so. I think it's part of a human's primordial fascination with fire, it's just kind of fun to watch. Didn't you ever come to Pyro Night at Cutter?