Saturday, June 26, 2010

Röyksopp - "Remind Me"

Next in my list of "songs from the 00s that I generally like" is this little track off of Röyksopp's 2001 debut album Melody A.M. Unfortunately this song has been co-opted by insurance company Geiko, but please don't let its use in mainstream television deter you from enjoying it. Röyksopp hail from Norway and have, what AMG calls, a 'chilled-out downtempo electronic' sound. I originally fell in love with this song when I caught the video on Austrian MTV. It very much reminds me (har) of old Richard/Huck Scarry books I poured over as a kid, showing little snapshots of various daily locales and how they function. Once I'd watched the video a few times I began paying attention to the lyrics:
It's only been a week
the rush of being home is rapid fading
Failing to recall
what I was missing all that time in England

Has sent me aimlessly
on foot or by the help of transportation
to knock on windows where
a friend no longer lives, I had forgotten
Melancholy musings and mentions of England? These are the kinds of lyrics (I think) LE would like. There's a definite sense of melancholy throughout the whole album, which is quite good and I highly recommend it. But to go back to where we started, what originally drew me towards this song was the video. I love the style, it's just mesmerizing to watch. I've seen this style used recently in a commercial for some some financial/business firm, but it's most effective here when coupled with good music. Plus it's just kind of cute to watch.

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Little Earl said...

I like it! Five Zrbo points granted.