Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oddest Songs From The '00s That I (Generally) Like

While my compatriot Little Earl is busy presenting his list of songs from the '00s that he likes, I thought I'd go a slightly different route by showing some of the oddest songs and videos from the '00s that I (generally) like. Some entries might just be a bit silly. Some might be both. I found many of these while living abroad so they might have easily been missed by an American audience, so I'm here to bring them into the light. Our first entry is:

DJ Tomekk feat. Lil' Kim & Trooper Da Don - "Kimnotyze"

Yes, witness the bizarre collaboration between a pair of German rappers and an all-American Lil' Kim singing a strangely twisted cover of a song by Kim's former lover Notorious B.I.G. I can't deny that I enjoy it's already-built-in hook or that I get a kick out of hearing German rap (or any non-English rap really). What I perhaps enjoy most about this video is it's almost spot-on imitation of American hip hop videos, complete with dancing hot girls, crowds partying, expensive displays of bling featuring fancy cars all in some ritzy or exotic looking venue (I think here it's Miami).

On that note it's almost not even really an imitation of a hip hop video, more of an imitation of the stereotype. It's like these German guys watched a slew of late 90s/early 00s Hype Williams videos on German MTV (where they still play videos) and then decided to go make their own. The whole thing feels imitated, no doubt helped along by the song itself being an imitation. Who knows? Just enjoy the video.

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