Friday, February 19, 2010

We Are The World, But Who The Hell Are These People?

Seriously folks, does anyone know who the hell these people are? And how the hell did they get Michael Jackson to appear?? (which coincidentally might be the only decent part of the whole song, too bad it was the part recorded 25 years ago) And they let Lil Wayne use Autotune? WTF is going on? All I know is that Jamie Foxx really wants you to care.


Peter Matthew Reed said...

Jeff Bridges?!?!

Little Earl said...

Let's do a little comparison:

Paul Simon vs. Fergie

Bruce Springsteen vs. Celine Dion

Bob Dylan (BOB DYLAN!) vs. Kanye West

Diana Ross vs. Someone who looks and sounds like Diana Ross (might still be her, not sure)

Stevie Wonder vs. Some white guy who sounds just like Stevie Wonder!

Ray Charles vs. Jamie Foxx's impersonation of Ray Charles

Michael Jackson vs. Creepy reused footage of a now-dead Michael Jackson

I'll take the original.