Thursday, February 4, 2010

Herr Zrbo: Professional Reviewer?

Folks, I just might be famous now. How famous? Internet famous. In one of my classes we're currently learning some advanced Google commands. One Google command, [link:], shows all the other websites that link to that site. Naturally I wanted to see if anyone was following the ol' blog here, when I discovered just how famous I am. I stumbled across the site where to my surprise they've quoted my review of VNV Nation's Reformation 01 as if I were some actual respected authority. Oh yes folks, as they say on the internet i am teh famous. Don't believe me? Check it out right here (about 3/4 down the page). Eat your heart out Erlewine.

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Little Earl said...

Oh yeah, well someone quoted my Juno review. And someone wanted to quote my (What's The Story) Morning Glory review in a book, although I never got back to them so they probably didn't. We could be the most famous writers in French Guiana for all we know. What else did this Google command tell you? Or is that the only reasonably interesting place any of us have been quoted?

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