Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Greatest Bumper Sticker Of All Time

Greetings from San Diego, California! (where I have been visiting my brother.) San Diego is like L.A. without the sleaze - but also without the cultural energy. It's sort of an equal trade-off if you think about it. At any rate, I must tell you about the greatest bumper sticker of all time. I didn't even see it on a car. We were in a restaurant called The Miner's Diner in Julian, a small town about an hour east of San Diego. And there, on the cash register, was the following sticker:
Think about it. I know nothing about the person who created that sticker, or the person who decided to buy that sticker, and yet I know that these two people must be wonderful human beings. This one simple phrase manages to express so much with so little. Willie Nelson has never actually ran for office. So if one were to vote for Willie Nelson ... And yet, to vote for Willie Nelson would be an extreme act of patriotism, for what is more American than Willie Nelson? NUKE THE WHALES comes close, and MY KID CAN BEAT UP YOUR HONOR STUDENT is certainly in the running, but until I am persuaded otherwise, this one gets my vote.

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