Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That's Like The Pot Calling The Taco Black

So I'm watching TV and on comes this commercial: "Black boots ... black pants ... black eye ... black sheep ... black taco ..." And there I see a picture of what looks like the same crappy Taco Bell taco with the same crappy ingredients, only now with a black tortilla shell instead of a yellow one. Are only morons breeding at this point? You're telling me there's some kid out there who's watching that ad and he's thinking, "Wow! A taco that's a different color! I must try that in the near future!"

Just give up now, people. We're doomed.


Herr Zrbo said...

That commercial actually made me hungry for taco bell, am I a moron?

Also, the pic is broken.

Little Earl said...

Works fine on my computer. If you think it's broken, you fix it.

And yes you are a moron.

(but a lovable moron)

Jason said...

I hear you on the Black Jack Taco, but if you follow Taco Bell's menu as closely as I do you'll see that they are the mad scientists of our time. It seems like every week they're introducing a crazy new menu item.

One of their newest creations is the 1/2 lb cheesy potato burrito (I get it w/ no meat, sub beans) and it is mind-blowing.

Little Earl said...

I haven't eaten Taco Bell (or fast food for that matter) since 2003.

The true genius of Taco Bell is how they've managed to create so many different items out of the same six basic ingredients. Back in my wilder days, I went to a Taco Bell with a friend, and he was standing behind me in line. "What did you get?" he asked me.

"Double Decker Taco. What are you getting?"

"Same thing."

"What, the Double Decker Taco?"

"No, but whatever it is, it's the same thing."