Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thanks for the Meme-ories Kanye

In case you missed it, here's the now infamous video of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV music awards the other night. While Kanye is without a doubt a jackass for doing so (and Obama apparently agrees), I just can't help but find his interruption hilarious in it's inappropriateness. But I'm not here to gossip about that. What I am here for is to document the hundreds of related spoofs, parodies, and remixes the internet has already spilled forth from it's meme-inducing bowels. Ladies and Gentlemen, the "Kanye Interrupts" meme has been born!

How about the time that Kanye interrupted Obama, remember that? Or when he interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral? We all know what Kanye thinks of ol' Bush, but what about the time he interrupted Bush in the middle of one of his speeches? Or Clinton? Still doesn't ring a bell? Well certainly you remember Hitler's reaction to Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift?

Well Kanye is bound to make some money off of this, there's already a new remix of his song "Heartless" available which addresses his outburst, listen to it here. Well, that's it for this meme-watch. Play Kanye off Keyboard Cat!

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Little Earl said...

What I love about Kanye's outburst is the highly transitory nature of the opinion he expresses. Do you really think he felt that Beyonce's video was "one of the greatest of all time"? I mean, if he were doing a Cosmic American Blog-style countdown, for example, would he include this video on his list? All time. I mean, that's a lot of videos. We're going back to 1981, at least. It wasn't enough to simply say that he thought Beyonce's video was better than Taylor Swift's. He needed to make the depth of his passion clear.

Why do I also have the feeling that Hitler's "freak out" scene in Downfall will be pop culture fodder for years to come?