Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zrbo Doesn't Survive the Layoffs

Well folks, my turn in everyone's favorite Holocaust poem has come. They finally came for me. It's true. Maybe it was all the time I spent writing on this blog during work, maybe it was not having any enthusiasm for the job, or maybe it's because my manager didn't know how to manage, but I have been officially let go. Time to go line up and get my bread and soup. Hey, at least they gave me some severance pay!


yoggoth said...

My apologies. Maybe you're next job will be that dream position where you discover what you were always meant to do in life while getting paid well. You never know...

yoggoth said...

That "you're" should be "your".

Little Earl said...

Tsk, tsk Yoggoth. That sort of malarkey is far, far beneath you.

Zrbo: Did your time on the blog really have anything to do with being laid off? I refuse to take any blame (even though I constantly begged you to post on the blog and ignore every other responsibility you may have had in your life). Besides, now that you're unemployed, maybe you can post on the blog EVEN MORE! Instead of, you know, looking for a new job, say.

I guess the nice thing about having a temp job is that I can't really get fired...because I don't really have a permanent job!

Herr Zrbo said...

They didn't really say why I was let go, I think there was an implicit understanding that I didn't fit there, plus I was next on the totem pole if anyone else were to be let go. I don't think my boss was a good manager, and we had a bit of an icy relationship (she only spoke to me once every few weeks, seriously!). Because of this I tended to surf the internet frequently, as did (does?) everyone else there. It sucks sure, but I'm rather glad to get out of there, it wasn't rewarding in any way.

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