Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ron Howard... In da Club???

This morning I was watching a little TV before heading off to work. Early morning is one of those rare times where MTV still shows actual music videos. Was my luck ever paid off. The screen informed me that a 'new, fresh video' was about to premiere. The video started. I could tell it was going to be one of those big budget hip-hop videos right from the start because it came complete with opening credits. It started with "Hype Williams presents". Then it cut to a bunch of cars rolling up as the credits played. It was a Jamie Foxx video. Ok, kind of weird. I guess he wants to be a singer now, but I guess I can deal with that, after all other young black actors have gone the same route.

The next person to roll up in a car was Samuel L. Jackson. Ok, I can see him in a video like this. Then Forrest Whitaker shows up. Ok, not who I would expect, but I guess so. Next up is Jake Gyllenhaal. Hmmm, getting a little strange. But maybe he's one of those young LA party types, roaming the clubs with Justin Timberlake. Still, pretty weird though.

But wait. There's one more car pulling up. Who is it, who else has been invited to this glamorous club full of easy, ravishing women? Why it's .... Ron Howard?!?

What... the... fuck???

Now, by this point I was absolutely certain this was a parody video. You see, the video that had played right before it was Eminem's new video, which parodied everything from Elvis to Rock Band. I thought for a second that maybe this was the second part to Eminem's video, a delightful satire on overblown "in the club" style hip-hop videos. But no, I was wrong. It was the real deal.

Earlier this week I thought I had already seen the weirdest video when I saw Ice T and Elmo playing a Wii game on Jimmy Fallon. But Jamie Foxx's video... well, you're just going to have to watch it for yourself.


Little Earl said...

I'm sorry, I know Peter thinks he has no talent, but Eminem makes me laugh. How many other rappers would reference the casino scene from Rain Man?!

Ice-T and Elmo was a trip, but even weirder was that Morgan Webb woman. An adult female who loves video games and is attractive?

Eddie Murphy's song was better than Jamie Foxx's, but Eddie Murphy didn't have a panda in his video. I love the big kicker at the end where we find out that the whole time the panda was really...Jamie Foxx!

Herr Zrbo said...

Morgan Webb is fairly well known, at least in the tech/gaming community. Graduated from Berkeley, went on to work at Tech TV, which eventually turned into G4.

If it was Jimmy Fallon's idea to get Ice T and Elmo on the same couch than he's smarter than I give him credit for.

I think Eddie Murphy's song is better too, it's more catchy, features Rick James, and reeks of the 80s.

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