Thursday, April 16, 2009

Herr Zrbo's Even Newest Favoritest Blog

It seems like every few weeks I discover a new blog out there that makes me grin. Last time it was failblog. Now comes a sort of corollary to failblog, pictureisunrelated. It's like a collection of pictures that don't quite fit with the concept of 'failing', but are nevertheless so bizarre and surreal that you just can't help but stare. Take the picture above, I mean, WTF is going on?? How the...hell...?

A few other favorites:

Play on brother!

No one suspected Katrina was caused by bears...

Seen any transvestite hookers around here?

1 comment:

Little Earl said...

Caption #1: Timothy Treadwell is alive and well...and driving a cab in Winnipeg!

Caption #2: It ain't over 'til the fat man plays piano on a motorcycle while naked.

Caption #3: The true culprit behind Hurricane Katrina: Kanye West.

Caption #4: (Note: actual size of Eddie Murphy's ego)