Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Heard Yeltsin Was More Of A Roxette Kind Of Guy

In one of those stories so preposterous it simply has to be true, the ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again has claimed that it was secretly whisked away by Russian agents in order to perform a private concert for Vladimir Putin:

"It was the classic 'Hello ... Kremlin ... Russia ... we want Bjorn Again'," recalled Stephen. "I thought it was one of the band members sending me up." But they soon understood the offer was serious...After flying into Moscow, they boarded a bus for a nine-hour journey on "very bad" roads and learned they were to perform before Putin.
And that performance lasted 74 hours. Just kidding. Anyway, I think this one's up there with Melvin Dummar claiming he picked up Howard Hughes in the Las Vegas desert.

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