Sunday, January 11, 2009

How NOT To Dislodge Your Car From An Icy Embankment

1. Put a phone book under the tires (the book will fly right underneath but the car will remain in place)

2. Put a shovel handle under the tires (the shovel handle will break in two but the car will remain in place)

3. Put the car in Four Wheel Drive after becoming stuck in the icy embankment (the time to put the car in Four Wheel Drive has passed)

4. Slip and fall on the ice while stepping out of the car (you will injure yourself but the car will remain in place)

How to dislodge your car from an icy embankment (believe it or not):

1. Push the car from the side until it rotates on the ice and is facing downhill, then hop in and turn the ignition


Herr Zrbo said...

Someone get stuck in the snow this weekend?

Peter Matthew Reed said...

This is a slightly different story to the one I heard at Yoggoth's papa's place on Sunday night... It all seemed so easy in THAT report.

ninquelote said...

It was actually quite comical; at least for me. I started having a great time the moment we lost traction and, despite how much forward power we gave the vehicle, we began to move in the direction of backwards.

It's true we tried all of the methods listed here before pushing the car, but who knew the three of us, strapping as we are, could push that much truck. I think the highlight of the evening was watching Yoggoth run back down the hill to catch the truck before it ran into a tree. Oh, that and shooting the moon on my very first hand of Hearts ever.