Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Herr Zrbo's New Favorite Blog

Move over ladies of 280, Herr Zrbo's got a new favorite blog. Oh yes, it's puerile and sexist, but the newest (blog)spot in town is where all the hip cats are at: TV Anchor Babes. It's got the lowdown on all your ratings-boosting news anchors. Who says networks need to cover news when they've got these lovely ladies to delight your eyes! Rising oil prices? Jihadist wars? Which branch of the government is spying on you? Huh, what... I was distracted. For the record, KTVU Channel 2's Gasia Mikaelian takes the cake in my book. You can't go wrong with an Armenian, just ask Little Earl.


yoggoth said...

Hahaha, it not only catalogs good looking anchorwomen, it keeps track of their on-air activities in creepy stalkeresque fashion! Good find Zrbo.

yoggoth said...

Gasia got her Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from San Diego State University.

How apropos!

Herr Zrbo said...

I like your description of 'creepy stalkeresque fashion', it just describes the blog so well. This guy must really spend a lot of his time taking screen caps.

I think Gasia is originally from the bay area too, Livermore I think? I think she's the most attractive woman I've ever seen on TV, hubba hubba.