Sunday, July 8, 2007

Along Those Same Lines

Weekend Rock List: Weirdest Shout-Outs - Rolling Stone

I spotted many of Yoggoth's all-time favorites in here:

"I Am Damo Suzuki" - The Fall
"Not Even Stevie Nicks" - Calexico
"Stereo" ("What about the voice of Geddy Lee?") - Pavement

Here's a good one I never heard of:

The Butthole Surfers: “Julio Iglesias jacking off in outer spaceous”

And for some reason everybody's got it in for Rick Astley (of "Never Gonna Give You Up" fame). Mojo Nixon apparently sang “Rick Astley is a pantywaist/Rub my butt in his face” in a song called "Debbie Gibson, etc.," and Nick Lowe apparently had a song with the lyrics "Do you remember Rick Astley?/He had a big fat hit that was ghastly/He said I’m never gonna give you up or let you down/Well I’m here to tell ya that Dick’s a clown/Though he was just a boy when he made that vow/I’d bet it's all that he knows by now."

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