Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael's Back! In Shameless Posthumous Album Form!

You may have heard that a new Michael Jackson album was in the works.  This is the new single from the recently released album 'Xscape' and it actually sounds pretty good.  It sounds like it belongs somewhere between Off the Wall and Thriller.  In fact, it sounds so spot-on vintage Michael that it sounds strangely out of place in today's modern soundscape.  But I admit, I kind of like it.  Take a listen:

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Little Earl said...

What is Justin Timberlake doing singing with this "Jackson" guy? You'd think he wouldn't need to do anybody any favors at this point.

But yes, Zrbo, even though I can't exactly tell what I'm listening to here (an old Michael Jackson demo with overdubs?), it's not too shabby - not too shabby at all. Now if only someone could wipe Eddie van Halen's solo from "Beat It" and add some strings.