Monday, December 17, 2012

Zrbo's Five Favorite Songs of the Year

It's nearing the end of the year, so it's time to start rolling out those year-in-review lists.  Here's my selection for my favorite songs of the year.  And yes, just like last year, you may notice that some of these songs aren't necessarily from 2012.

#5 - Psy'Aviah - "Timor"

My fifth favorite song of the year is a Shakira song. No, really! Belgian duo Psy'Aviah (not to be confused with that other Psy who dominated 2012) deliver a fresh take on a song from a completely unexpected artist and genre. While the song has a completely different structure and delivery than the original, the underlying political themes still come through. Psy'Aviah's album "Introspection-Extrospection" is also my favorite album of the year. Oh, and hey, look who uploaded that video!

#4 - Pepsi & Shirlie - "Heartache"

In last year's list I included a song that was most definitely not from 2011, and this year the trend continues. It may be 25 years old, but Pepsi & Shirlie's "Heartache" is like True Blue-era Madonna musical gold. While this version is fine, I've actually been listening to the extended remix more often.

#3 - Armin van Buuren featuring Sharon den Adel - "In and Out of Love"

I realize it's just a trite piece of euro-trance, but there's something about this song that has me hooked. Maybe it's that piano riff that gets stuck in my head, or maybe it's because I'm somewhat in love with Sharon den Adel (who was also on this countdown last year). Considering that it's one of the most watched videos on Youtube though, someone else out there must also be hooked. Like the previous entry, I've been listening to the extended/album mix more than the original.

#2 - The Gregory Brothers - "Oh my Dayum"

I was seriously tempted to put this song at number one I love it so much. I've probably listened to it an average of once a day since I first heard it. I've already discussed my love for it here on this blog. I'm not sure what else to say besides DAYUM!

#1 - Covenant featuring Necro Facility - "Lightbringer"

The album this song is from came out late last year but I didn't appreciate it until I saw Covenant live in San Francisco a few months ago. Covenant continue to turn out some great tunes, and Lightbringer is no exception. Turn up the volume for maximum danceable effect.


Little Earl said...

Wait a minute ... you know how to upload videos? I always figured it took some sort of special internet voodoo magic to do it, but maybe it's not that hard. You even made a little slide show! It's like a real YouTube video. You must tell me your secrets.

Nice choices; I think I liked them all. Or, let's just say I didn't dislike anything.

Obviously I need to brush up on my Pepsi & Shirlie, but I think we were discussing earlier that they were probably one of the many acts popular in the UK but not here. I just remember that in the YouTube clip for "Break My Stride" there was a little bubble saying, "Up next: Pepsi & Shirlie." Not only do they sound like True Blue-era Madonna, but the white girl (Pepsi? Shirlie?) is even wearing almost the same kind of shirt that Madonna is wearing in the "Papa Don't Preach" video. Maybe they went to the same store?

Herr Zrbo said...

Wow, good catch on the striped shirt, maybe I was getting a subconscious Madonna vibe off that, leading me to the True Blue comparison.

Yes, videos aren't nearly as difficult to make as you'd think. You can just use something like Windows Movie Maker or whatever it's called. When you go to Youtube it'll convert it to flash when you upload it.

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